Joseph and Elizabeth Homsey, Eaglemont (2019)

“Our classic Art Deco home in Eaglemont was a little tired but still our forever home.  Lifestyle By Design were very diligent in meeting our architectural plans and we view the overall result of what they have achieved in our addition and extension to be excellent.  Whilst we wanted to update certain features and create more space and light, we also needed a builder who would be sympathetic to the historical grandeur and period features throughout.  We wanted to keep the front three rooms intact, and we asked that our mossy-covered rooftiles and bricks be blended and matched to keep our home’s character.  We sought their advice on elements of the colour palette and design, particularly in making the transition from old to new as one proceeds through the new open hallway, and appreciated their opinions and keen eye for detail.  We also found LBD to be very engaged, approachable and communicative whilst they welcomed us to walk through at any stage of the build.  We felt a sense of chemistry with them, from the outset, that they had a similar philosophy to ourselves and our architect in wanting to bring out the best in the project.

LBD have very successfully transformed our home in all of the ways we imagined and we’re now moving through the last stages to finalise the little finishing touches.  In particular, Ken, LBD’s Site Supervisor, was always meticulous in his commitment to quality execution and we can truly say what a pleasure it was to work with a professional company.  They are competent business people and at the same time deliver as promised.  We are extremely pleased with the significant changes to our home, without losing any of its historical charm in the process.”

Tom and Belinda Ryan, Kensington (2018)

“Being pedantic and particular owners of the build of our new custom designed home, we were a bit nervous to begin with, but we needn’t have been with LBD.  Their exceptional and reliable delivery of a product we could move straight into proved to be ‘a no-fuss, nothing’s too much trouble’ experience!  LBD’s entire team is customer-focused, highly attentive to detail, and throughout they showed demonstrable pride in every aspect of their work.  It was as if they were building ‘our home’ for themselves.  At handover, we were met with a clean, very tidy and spacious abode.  Our wish to be moved-in by Christmas was honoured, they were always approachable about any minor alterations along the way, and respectfully communicated about any design changes to the specifications, where they felt there might be a better option to ensure that the feel and end-result of our home was just right.

Lifestyle By Design went beyond our expectations, the level of the finishes is amazing, and we couldn’t be more delighted to have chosen such a great bunch of people to be the custodians of our build.”

Peita De Trizio, Director & Archcitect, De arch (2017)

“Working in partnership with Lifestyle By Design Homes helps us to ensure our own customers have the best experience possible, when it comes to their actual build.  LBD have demonstrated excellent customer-focused project management skills, on two of our projects, and we really couldn’t ask for anything better!  Of particular note, their ability to speak directly to our clients (to discuss any budgetary amendments, and problem-solving matters) makes our customers feel more assured and comfortable, and LBD has shown themselves to be very open to continuously have those conversations wherever necessary.  At De.arch, we’ve found LBD’s professionalism and high-level customer service mandate also value-adds to our own desire to work through any design/build anomalies, that aren’t always apparent when a project is first drawn-up.  We’re able to work quickly with them to rectify any situation, and we appreciate their ability to respond with practical and viable options that keep the customer very happy, without harming the integrity of our original vision and design.  We’re certainly most impressed with the LBD Team, and highly recommend them to our clients.”

Mia and Nick, Hawthorn (2017)

“LDB were incredibly flexible and helpful throughout the entire process of the renovation of our customised home transformation.  Their honesty, depth of experience and expertise, finishes, visualisation of the actual plans, and ability to give us some brilliant advice (about enhancing the planned concept in ways we’d never thought of) just made everything so easy!  From whoa-to-go, Lifestyle By Design was fantastic!

Having had much experience in working in the Architectural Design industry, I (Mia) knew only too well, that there were always building experiences to be afraid of.  Imagine our surprise to find the build was on-time, on-budget, and the design ended up better than we planned, because the LBD team did precisely what they said they would do, and continually value-added with new cost-efficiencies, suggested and accepted changes along the way, and were reliable, honest and entirely professional.  Everyone who enters our home is amazed at the natural light that shines through the high-level windows to our new living areas, and marvels at the clean finishes and beautiful floors.  Our family has room to move, the kids have their own zone, dad loves his cleverly designed study, and there’s a nook for all the ‘Mum stuff that needs to go somewhere’, and dozens of little extra touches that have created a fabulous new home for us.  We are incredibly happy with LBD’s workmanship, communication and the warmth of the relationship we were able to establish with them from the very beginning.  From front to back, it’s everything we ever dreamed of, and we’re delighted with our choice to work with Lifestyle By Design on our very first renovation project.”

David Johnson, Malvern East (2017)

“Lifestyle By Design are incredibly attentive to detail, they stuck to their promised timeline, and the relationship we’ve had with them throughout the build of our Dual Occupancy project in Malvern East has been absolutely fantastic!  In fact the whole experience has been even better than we anticipated.  Our numerous questions and queries have been attended to without hesitation, and, even though we made some short notice adjustments to the design, LBD showed themselves to be very willing to quickly adapt to our wishes.  Their service provider ethics demonstrate reliability, confidence in the quality of their delivery, and precision across the board.  We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again!”

Adam, Owner (2017)

“LBD have built our dream home, weeks ahead of schedule.  Their level of perfectionism, acute attention to detail, and outstanding communication, have all been deeply appreciated.  Throughout the entire project they have been incredibly transparent, and they have continually guided us with ideas to keep the build cost-effective and on budget.

LBD was extremely efficient, particularly in the way they have accommodated our changes along the way, and given us professional advice (based on their exceptional knowledge and building experience) when some of those changes would have been unwise.

We fell in love with our home because of its definitive heritage beauty.  We knew it’s genuine majesty wouldn’t be easy to restore, whilst blending a contemporary renovation and extension behind the façade – but we certainly made the right decision by placing our trust in Lifestyle By Design to make our dream come true.”

Clare and David Philips, Albert Park (2017)

“We loved working with Lifestyle by Design and what they achieved for us – the house is just awesome! We now have lots of light, warm, functional space that works for our whole family, and a consistently high-quality finish, even though we had a pretty tight budget. LBD were super-attentive to detail and you can tell Brad, Nick, Dale and their team are all really passionate about what they do in getting a high standard result.

They were very flexible about the tweaks we made as we went along, and transparent about costs. Not having built on this scale before, we were really surprised to find it pretty straight-forward, and the inevitable challenges along the way were dealt with pragmatically, with the aim of taking the stress off us. And what’s more, our renovation and extension were completed on time!

Lifestyle By Design really delivered on their promises, and we are thrilled with the end result.”

Naomi and Jamen Potts (2017)

“The whole build process has been extremely smooth and a credit to all team members who have worked on our job.  All team members have been conscious and courteous of us living in the remainder of our home whilst the build was in progress. The job site was always left safe and tidy and the guys were all polite and ‘language conscious’ with two young children being on site for some of the time. Our requests and variations were also accepted without disagreement on both sides and the ability to work these through and have these completed in a timely fashion was most appreciated.

I will and have recommended LBD for build requests within our community and whilst we should not have the need in the future on such a large scale, we will certainly keep your team in mind for any other jobs as and when they arise.

We are extremely happy with the final result and can’t wait to move to into the space properly”

William and Naomi Moore (2016)

“The service and communication we’ve received from LBD has been comprehensive and constant.  From the outset, they provided us with a prompt response to our request for a quote and delivered it to us within a week, and, ever since that time, both Brad and Nick have always done what they said they would do, and within our desired timelines (wherever possible).  What’s refreshing is their honesty in expressing their professional opinions and their pragmatic approach to resolving problems.  Nick was onsite and ensured we had the opportunity to talk through and overcome any practical issues, and this gave us a deep sense of trust in their ability to present the hand-over of our renovation project to a high standard that we were very happy with.  LBD gave us everything we wanted and we thoroughly recommend their services to others.”

Eamon Evans (2016)

“With Lifestyle By Design, we always knew where we were at with their building schedule, and they managed to keep within our budget, which was a pleasant surprise in an industry that’s so notorious for blow-outs. We found them to be prompt, pleasant and capable and we’re very pleased with the end result.”

Daniel Junkeer, Malvern East (2016)

“Lifestyle By Design went above and beyond to ensure we were completely happy with everything.  As very fastidious and discerning clients, we found their willingness keep us in the loop at all times very gratifying.  We could call or email at any time (and get a response), their documentation was transparent regarding cost breakdowns, and we truly felt they were in sync with exactly how we wanted our new home and development to look.  Brad and Nick openly gave their professional opinion, also, when they felt our particular product choices weren’t quite befitting – which is indicative of how carefully they listened and understood our overall vision.  Our meticulous approach, as Owner/Developers, was never lost on Lifestyle By Design.  We wanted immaculate finishes – and that’s exactly what we got!  Their reliability, communication processes and attention to detail was excellent throughout the entire process.”

Michelle Molloy, Templestowe (2016)

“What we pictured is exactly what we got with Lifestyle By Design.  Everything was done perfectly and in a very timely manner.  The communication between ourselves and Brad and Nick was outstanding – they went above and beyond, they were very accommodating and easy to deal with, and they kept a spotlessly clean workspace throughout our renovations and extension. And the end result is just fantastic!  We will happily use Lifestyle by Design for future projects.”

Danielle and Jackie, Burwood (2016)

“LBD were the perfect team to bring our dreams of a brilliant Extension and Renovation to fruition.  We are ecstatic with the final result and the seamlessness with which they delivered the transformation of our existing old, 1950’s style home.

From our first meeting with Brad, during the tender process, and throughout the entire project, we received nothing but outstanding service, communication, honest consultations and advice from their entire team. Brad was accommodating and attentive in providing the estimates and contract in the early stages, and, once we signed on, Nick did a great job managing the build onsite from start-to-finish.

They are genuine, respectful, passionate and proud of their work, and this is further enhanced by the obviously strong relationships they have with their core tradespeople and suppliers.  They worked hard to reach designated target dates, ultimately finishing our extension ahead of schedule AND on budget.”

Chris Visick, Hughesdale (2015)

“Our ideas expanded soon after L ifestyle By Design began, which resulted in us requesting renovations works in every single room.  What’s more, they finished ahead of schedule, and were good enough to work around our time frames from beginning to end. We couldn’t have been happier with their professional manner and service.”

“Lifestyle By Design showed us real references, invited us to visit previous homes they had completed and we actually got to talk to other very happy clients.  That’s a sign of a great business!  As a Project Manager, myself, I was so impressed with their exceptional communication processes, their ability to co-ordinate their trades (and ours), and their openness in regards to every dealing we had with them.  We found them to be honest, transparent and incredibly trustworthy.  The LBD team was brilliant in every respect.”

Scot and Peggie MacRae, Malvern East (2015)

“Quality work, great finishes, honest service, and over-delivery on prices quoted are synonymous trademarks of Lifestyle By Design!  We’re very happy customers, and we’ll be the first to ask them to put themselves forward for the work we have coming up on future projects.  Their team members and trade providers are obviously carefully selected to fit with their strong and exceptional business ethics, which sets them apart from other building companies that ‘promise the world and fail to deliver’.  We were demanding of LBD’s resources in that we changed our plans many times (and almost doubled the scope of works), which could have resulted in massive delays, and yet, they still finished the job in record time, and on-time to the original contract.  That was amazing!  Their flexibility is to be highly commended.  They’re friendly, punctual, prompt to return calls, and were highly diligent in meeting our requested amendments (without making us feel that it was a problem in any way). We’ve already recommended Lifestyle By Design to at least eight other parties.  They’re a great bunch of people and very easy to deal with. Thank you LBD.”

Marian, Blackburn South (2015)

“The ease of communication we experienced with LBD made the interior gutting and entire renovation of our home so much easier and quicker, and yet there was no compromise on quality in the building process.  At all times we found them to be efficient and so flexible.  On some issues we were personally challenged to find more budget-effective solutions, and we were delighted to find the Lifestyle By Design team very cleverly found alternative options to help us work around them – to keep us on track.  Nothing was ever too hard, they discussed everything with us and we’re extremely happy with our new home.”

David Marshall, Glen Iris (2015)

“Lifestyle By Design is customer-focused, efficient and innovative.  When we needed to make low-impact adjustments to suit our budget, they came up with solutions without us needing to go back to our Architect, and that demonstrated how mindful they are about their clients, and that they truly considered our individual needs.  Their personable approach, their optional ideas and adaptability led to a very successful outcome.  We particularly appreciated how they went above and beyond, and go so far as to seek out a very old brick type by prowling recycled brick companies to get as close a match as possible.  LBD is a building and renovation company that cares about getting great results that really work.”

Nick Charalambakis, Brighton East (2015)

“Lifestyle By Design Homes and their cohesive team are prompt, professional and knowledgeable.  They completed a duel occupancy project for us in Brighton East (one of which we kept for ourselves) and we were extremely happy with their craftsmanship.  We also appreciated that LBD selected the right people for the job, and their strong and efficient project management style that kept our job moving in all the right directions.  They were continually flexible and very helpful when it came to finding alternative solutions, pleasant to deal with, and always made us feel as if nothing was a problem.  We look forward to working with them again.”

Kathleen R, Gembrook (2014)

“The whole experience of working with Lifestyle by Design was a great one. I felt very much it was like a collaborative partnership with you on my side. I feel I have been so lucky to have found you and I will certainly refer you and include you in my future plans. Thank you for all that you have done, so professional and considerate.”

Jess S, Bundoora (2014)

“We feel so lucky to have found Lifestyle by Design! After getting numerous outrageous quotes we were thinking we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals with our extension and would have to give up. From the moment we met Brad & Nick it felt right. We were kept in the loop for every decision and the progress of the job the whole time.  They worked with us closely around our ideas for different design features that were in our budget. There is honestly not a single thing that we could fault, yes I know we sound like we are being paid to write this but they honestly excelled our expectations. To bring our great partnership home they even finished 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Thank you to Nick, Brad and the boys for your amazing job! We are so happy in our renovated home, we will struggle to ever leave it now!”