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Why you should get rid of tree stumps

Trees can improve the aesthetics of your living space. They not only provide share from the sun but can also improve the air quality. Trees are good for the environment and the healthier it is the better.

However a diseased tree is an eye sore and must be removed promptly. This is because it can spread illness and might also result in a safety hazard because its branches can fall apart at any time thus causing damage to your property and injuring people or animals.

Cutting down a tree or removing it is the easy part however when you have to deal with a tree stump that is left behind things can get problematic. Even though it might seem quiet harmless, it is better to remove it immediately because it can be a safety hazard.


Brisbane stump grinding can help you get rid of tree stumps

A tree stump is an eye sore. It not only ruins the beauty of your garden but also reduces its property value. If it is just sitting around without any practical use it can make the area look unkempt. Leaving it unattended can have a detrimental affect on the value of the Property.

It can also be a safety hazard especially if you have small children because they may trip over or stumble into it and get injured. It is a liability especially a neighbor or a visitor falls or injure them, and you might end of facing a costly law suit.

It is a home to various kinds of pests and fungi and can also spread infestation. If the infestation gets out of hand these pests might even destroy the wooden parts of your home. Fungi on a dead stump and could be a health risk to your pets and children. Make sure that you call a professional tree service to help you get rid of the tree stump in order to prevent the mold and decay from taking over your home.

It can also provide ample space in your yard. A tree stump can take up extra space which you might have used for another purpose. If you are interested in improving the landscape of the garden eliminating the stump would allow you to work in some valuable space. You could either plant a new tree or even setup a picnic table. Placing a swing under the shade of a new tree also provides shade and allows the children to enjoy playing outside.

Sometimes a tree stump can also damage your property if its roots grow down once they start spreading they might reach to the underground pipes and cause them to crack or burst. As a result your water supply could get affected and it might even flood your home.

Digging out a tree stump on your own can be difficult. This is why it is important that you call a tree lopping and removal company.


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